TV Totty of the Week

5 Oct

I hope to make this a regular feature – a selection of some of the finest specimens of men, women, animals, shoes (anything goes)  on the telly.

This week, I am just a little bit obsessed with Richard Armitage a.k.a Lucas North in the BBC’s Spooks.

It could be his tall, dark and handsome good looks.

It could be his piercing blue eyes.

It might be his soulful deep timbre.

It might be the fact he plays a spy (call it the Bond Factor).

It is probably a combination of all these factors – all I know is my university campus has appeared in the past two episodes of Spooks (as the fairy-lit square last week and the ‘Central University’ building this week). I choose to believe Mr Armitage, or perhaps,  Agent North, is stalking me.

And I’m more than comfortable with that possibility.


2 Responses to “TV Totty of the Week”


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  2. Spooks – Series 9, Episode 8 « Telly And Tea - November 8, 2010

    […] Armitage is definitelyfollowing me – why else would he set up a fake bomb at a station I pass through every […]

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