Your Daughter’s Psychiatrist Called

7 Oct

Is it me, or does Mad Men just keep getting better?

Last night’s episode was warmly welcomed because it demonstrated what a genius Don Draper can be when he puts his mind to it – and when he’s not asking to be hit by prostitutes (that’s an ouch on so many levels).

With Mad Men it’s all about the visuals – Joan’s divine navy and cream dress, Peggy riding a motorcycle round an empty studio and the canny mirroring between Don’s date Bethany (yes, it is Sarah Newlin from True Blood, I checked), Betty and Sally. Not that I’m hinting towards anything incestual, but is it surprising that Sally is craving her father’s attention, so goes about it the only way she knows how, by emulating women he ‘spends times with’? Poor, poor Sally. She’s definitely her mother’s daughter – as evidenced by that lingering shot on the doll’s house.

I still can’t quite make my mind up about Pete. One moment I’ll be agreeing with him – yes, Roger should stop being a racist and move on from the war like everyone else – and then I remember he’s a nasty rapist and general dick (note: not Dick). It’s a toughy.

Hopefully next week’s episode will bring more of Peggy’s cute friend Joey and more scenes with Betty and Henry – I feel we don’t really know what’s going on there. Oh, and more Mrs Blankenship, of course.

In other MM news, a spate of magazine shoots have emerged recently. The finest can be found here, here and here. When does Elizabeth Moss or Alison Brie get her shoot though, eh?

Speaking of Moss, her and Hamm have been plugging MM all over Europe – LaineyGossip is great for photos. God, Jon Hamm really is the most handsome man alive.


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