No Englishman would dream of dying in someone else’s house

11 Oct

*Includes spoilers*

Downton Abbey is really hitting its stride now and is proving to be the perfect Sunday night fare. We’re getting to know the characters better and the pace has picked up. A sex scandal always helps in these situations.

This week’s episode was a tad farcical, perhaps, but I loved it. I didn’t see the death coming (as it were) and was pleased the programme – which has been fairly predictable (in a good way) so far – managed to surprise me.

The period detail is glorious; it was nice to finally have the ‘lingering glances on horseback’ scene so beloved of the genre. I hope more is shown of the lush landscape surrounding Downton in future episodes.

I am loving the developing relationship between Thomas and his hag O’ Brien, which looks set to get juicier next week. She’s a mean old bitch with a face like she’s sucking lemons….God, I love her.

Not as much as I love the Dowager though, who continues to get the best lines (she is Maggie Smith though, so it is only to be expected). I hope she and Mrs Crawley have another showdown soon.

As is rapidly becoming customary, an aural and visual treat, in case you missed Harry Hill’s TV Burp at the weekend.


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