A Traitor’s a Traitor

13 Oct

I shouldn’t like Spooks. I haven’t watched it for years (I can only half remember the first series) and find it to be a little bit racist and gung-ho. But it’s so exciting! I started watching the latest series when it started a few weeks ago, and became swiftly hooked.

The multiple bomb countdowns, the races against time and the unexpected turn up in events that feature every week don’t get old. The good looking cast certainly doesn’t hurt either.

This week’s episode was the best of the series so far. Yes, it had dubious anti-Chinese morals, but a bit of casual racism is par for the course here. At least we had Kai to sympathise with.

The Xcitement Factor (see what I did there?) was high, with late night black ops raids, bomb scares a plenty and kidnappings. What most shows have in one, perhaps two, series, this one crams into one sole episode. And does the same week after week. One criticism is that the high drama becomes predictable and banal; I see it as Ronseal.

Identity was clearly a key theme this episode, as it seems to be for the whole series with the unveiling of ‘John’/Lucas. The whole triple agent situation, and the code name for Jiang rendered the identity trope a little heavy handed for me, but again, it’s very Spooks. I don’t claim to have highbrow tastes.

I remain unmoved by Beth. She’s just a bit of a wet fish really. I expected far more from the fanfare that surrounded her arrival (including visits to the Saturday Kitchen site by actress Sophia Myles, a.k.a. Reinette). Maybe she will come and swoop in as the series reaches its inevitable Lucas-centred climax and save the day.

Speaking of disappointments,  Mopey Maya is outstaying her welcome. Why is the enigmatic and brooding Lucas so in love with this pathetic excuse for a character? She has flimsy plot device written all over her- which is a shame as Spooks can do human stories so well.

Take the Harry and Ruth plot, for instance. It’s heartbreakingly real. The subtle glances, the touching asides: “I’m sorry about your lip.” “Don’t be.”

He was looking at your lip, Ruth, he wants to kiss you!

I don’t really want there to ever be a resolution to this though, it’s better as it is, floating in the ether. Mind you, I said the same about the Doctor and Rose but still managed to cheer as she planted a right old snog on the half-Doctor.

Of course, I can’t talk about Spooks without addressing my rapidly all-consuming crush on Lucas. He appeared topless in this episode – what a treat. As a newcomer to the show though, I wasn’t enamoured by all the tattoos – what do they mean? Are we meant to know? Or is it all part of his hidden inner self? Regardless of the self-mutilation here, it was a sight for sore eyes, and I’m sure it cheered many women and men up of a Monday evening.


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