Mad Men S4 Episode 6 – “Make it simple, but significant”

16 Oct

I loved this week’s episode. Maybe even more than last week. Matthew Weiner should really stop spoiling us like this. Except I hope he doesn’t.

The flashbacks were so well done: not only were there the obvious changes in fashion and props, but even things as subtle as a change in Roger’s speech patterns and Don’s mannerisms. The charm he deploys in winning accounts is portrayed in its original unpolished form as a salesman – and he’s cheesy and naive. It’s refreshing to the see the characters, especially Don, in this way. Joan’s appearance in the flashback was also notable as Christina Hendricks showed the softer side to Joan, before she became hardened by her ultimately futile love for Roger.

Back to the present day and back to the resistant Don whose relationship with Peggy is in the woods. Peggy is possibly my favourite character from Mad Men. As the show started on her first day at Sterling Cooper, it is fitting that her character has developed more than some others. We have watched her transform from a shy secretary to the ball-breaking career woman we saw in this week’s episode.

It occured to me as I watched Joan hold the hands of Roger and Don that Don needs mothering. Whereas Roger gripped her hand as a sign of love, lust and appreciation, Don really needed her support. Joan has always been a sort of mother-figure to the SCDP boys, clearing up their mess and keeping their secrets so it only makes sense that he clings to her when he needs reassurance. (As a side note, I love their rapport in general, especially in this scene.)

Joan is not the only one pandering to Don though. Betty did it throughout their marriage, and Peggy is transitioning from her daughter-daddy relationship with him to one where she has authority over him, or at least the moral highground.

None of this is surprising when we consider Don’s non-existent relationship with his prostitute mother, and the woman who brought him up as the son of a whore. It becomes even more interesting when we bring his relationship with his daughter into the mix, as this season seems intent to do. I look forward to what next week brings.

One Mad Men spoof you have to see:


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