The Apprentice – Week Two

16 Oct

In news that is, in fact, not news to anyone but me, I finally discovered where the theme tune comes from this week when I saw Romeo and Juliet at Sadler’s Wells.

So now you know (you probably did already to be fair).

This week’s task for the hopeless hopefuls was to design and produce an original beach accessory and pitch it succesfully to retailers.

Not too difficult, you would think. Everyone knows the main problems that come with beach holidays (sandy pants, exploding sun cream, kids and/or pets running off) so it should be a pretty simple task.

You would think.

Laura (she of the heinous polo fame) led Apollo, while Stella took over at Synergy. Both had my sympathy as team leaders; Stella had to put up with outrageous sexism from the boys as they cajoled her into posing for the promo (she should have put up a better fight though) while Laura tried to get her team to behave as rational humans for more than a minute.

Brava to Karren Brady for her feminist speech in the boardroom. The girls’ behaviour was despicable and an awful representation of women – in business or not-, depicting them as shrewish bickering bullies.

Rather unsurprisingly, the girls lost. The product was awful and the pitching was lacklustre, but Laura really blew it with Boots. The Cuuli suffered from its poor concept but its marketing was actually quite good – I can just picture it on the shelves at Lakeland.

Neither team fully deserved to win just as none of the three in the boardroom deserved to stay. Joy was fired, for her apathetic inaction, but Laura was probably the one to blame for bringing in 0 sales. Lord Sugar will definitely have to keep a careful watch on Joanna though – I started the show feeling sorry for the way she was sidelined by her team mates but soon decided they had the right idea as she became boorish and, frankly, a pain in the arse.

Next week looks promising – will the candidates rise to the challenge? Will they manage to make enough dough? Will I be able to think up enough baking puns for a whole post?

If you’ve not seen their work before, please check out the Boleg Bros Apprentice vlog. I recommend watching older ones too, last series’ Pantsman episode is particularly brilliant.


One Response to “The Apprentice – Week Two”

  1. Tim October 16, 2010 at 10:54 pm #

    Oh, I’d forgotten about the Boleg Bros animations. They are brilliant! Thanks for reminding me.

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