Desperate Housewives – Season 7, Episode 1

18 Oct

Despos is back!

I unashamedly love Desperate Housewives. It is the perfect escapist show, where anything can happen as long as it’s camp.

Vanessa Williams, a.k.a. Wilhelmina from that other gloriously gay show Ugly Betty (Rest In Prada) has arrived on Wisteria Lane to much deserved fanfare. The show was getting a bit samey and it’s great to have another wife to get to know, especially someone with a backstory to one of the main ladies.

We finally found out the identity of the baby-swap, although it took a while to work out who the man was breaking the news to. I even had to resort to Google to double check it was Carlos, just sans facial hair and a few pounds. I liked the symmetry of this plot point, and as we all know, the secrets Gabbi and Carlos are keeping are bound to come storming out sooner or later.

Paul Young is back and as creepy as ever, much like his tormenter/tormented Felicia. I’m not as excited by the revisit to that story as I should be though. That is how I feel about most of the big mysterious plots though, I prefer the stuff that goes on around it.

Susan has sunk to a new low to support hot hubby Mike and son MJ (who has a real gift for comic timing). Teri Hatcher is looking more and more like Michael Jackson – it might be time to lay off the botox love (despite what she says). She’s my least favourite housewife, in the same vein that Carrie is the worst SATC woman without a shadow of a doubt.

Bree’s storyline with the painter is a)predictable, b) lame and c) something they have already done with Susan and that one whose name I can’t remember. It will only last a few episodes though so I’m not that bothered. At least it should be amusing.

From the preview at the end of the episode it looks like next week forms the second of a sort of two-parter – the inevitable ‘Double Season Opener’ from the States. This should mean the episode after next is when it should all kick off a bit more. I can’t wait.


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