The X Factor – Week Two

18 Oct

This week’s theme was Musical Heroes. Who’s yours? Kelly Clarkson? Bruno Mars? Duck Sauce (Ok, I’ll let that one slide because of the brilliant reference to Louis)?!

Why are they even bothering to pretend that they are adhering to the themes? This angered me more than the sadly premature loss of Diva Fever.

Storm, on the other hand, was sure to go. Call it the ‘sing-first-leave-first’ curse or the ‘most-annoying-act-except-for-Katie-oh-and-Cher-because-they’re-Cheryl’s-and-will-stay-in-whatever-happens’ curse – he was the obvious evictee.

Katy Perry and Diana Vickers were the star performers on Sunday’s show. Neither were good – very much a case of style over substance, so I’m sure Dannii was thrilled.

Also keen on the ‘look’ of things rather than anything possibly lying behind it is Cher. I can’t be the only one tiring of her street urchin on acid schtick. Rebecca, on the other hand, is beginning to convince me that there is more than a touch of the downtrodden single ma to her – I loved her version of Feeling Good and thought she looked pretty fierce. You go girl etc.

Matt, Paige and Aiden were all dull as Louis’ new hair colour, so I won’t bother with them.

Tesco Mary (as she will forever be known) was pretty good, as was to be expected. Is it really true about her and Wagner? I’d ask Louis but he wouldn’t know who I was talking about, unless I mispronounced the name too, obviously.

John will leave next week, unless Louis does something incredible and actually picks a good song for him to sing. Everyone else was either rubbish or forgettable. I’m hoping the contestants will get a bit more interesting next week, but I’m not counting on it.

In more exciting news, Matt Edmondson is BACK with the ludicrously funny and new and improved F Factor vlog. Make sure you set aside 10 minutes to watch it here.


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