Spooks – Series 9, Episode 5

19 Oct


I found last night’s episode a bit dull compared to the bombast of the previous episode. However, it certainly saved the best for last and packed a punch with that shock twist at the end.

Of course, all the usual elements were there. Brutal violence, shifty looks, a twisty-turny plot complete with red herrings and surprise developments. It just fell a bit flat though. I must say I enjoyed the show devoid of needless diversion into Lucas’ private life (I don’t know if it’s because I hate Maya or because it slows the main action) but it could have done with more from Harry and Ruth. I love Harry and Ruth and the pleasure is found in noting subtle lines and lingering looks that hark back to this:

Beth continues to be blah. I think Lucas was the only one who cared she’d been kidnapped and even he didn’t seem altogether that bothered. Too busy being garotted, I expect. Didn’t that add an extra raspy quality to his voice, making him even sexier? No? Just me?

(Ok, so that was mainly an excuse to show a video of Richard Armitage in a suit)

It seems pretty evident that Dimitri is being set up as the new Lucas – hearthrob status and all (man looks good in a suit). If the series doesn’t end with Mr North (if that *is* his name) bowing out I’ll be surprised. To be so central and have so much build up….surely something explosive is in the works.

The problem with this episode was there was no plot advancement, save the final shocker. It was obviously the standard filler episode, with no real detail or development so it can be slotted anywhere in the series easily. It suffered for this, Doctor Who does it so much better.

The storyline was….fine, like I say, nothing exceptional or even that gripping. That’s the thing with Spooks. The minute you tear your eyes away from the screen and actually think about it, it falls apart.

Still, next week looks pretty impressive so I’m sure it’ll be back to normal.


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