Nigella Kitchen

21 Oct

Nigella has been back on our screens for a while now, and it’s business as usual.

She’s OTT, kitsch and dripping in innuendo. What did you expect? The food is good though, and the cinematography of the ingredients and eventual dish is literally salivating.

Cosy, warm and comforting, but not so saccharine as to put you off completely (pointing no fingers…oh ok, pointing a lot of fingers), it’s perfect Thursday evening viewing.

I am sick of the Ellie Goulding soundtrack and could do without the twee fairy lights and La Lawson’s coy glances at the camera but on the whole, I enjoy watching this. Yes, she does spout a load of old nonsense (like “tumbling” potatoes “joyously” into a pan. I’m all for having fun with food but can’t we just call it putting spuds in a tin?) but she’s Nigella – it’s all part of her character.

Still, it’s pretty fun to mock. This parody is spot on:


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