The X Factor – Week Three

25 Oct

Were you watching CherylTV this weekend? Not content with TWO X Factor shows, performing her new single on one of said shows,  a repetitive whirl of cosmetic adverts, and Piers Morgan’s Life Stories, the Nation’s Sweetheart (because we’ve all forgotten the toilet attendant thing) also dominated the hairdos of her X contestants.

Rebecca went way out of her comfort zone and sang a sultry number in a husky voice. Oh, but wait, it was “something different” because she looked a little bit like Ariel from The Little Mermaid. Treyc (not a real name) also rocked a red streak and as for Cher…well, the less said about that monstrosity the better. Katie managed to escape Cheryl’s scarlet grasp somehow, but she was duly punished with an awful song choice.

Don’t get me wrong, I love a bit of old school Disney jazz as much as, if not more than, the next person. But X Factor is neither the time nor place. Nor is it a guilty pleasure.

Honestly, why do they even bother with themes any more? In SyCo world, Chaka Khan, Led Zeppelin, Shirley Bassey are guilty pleasures. Never mind Britney – oh, ok Travis:

Matt really made it his own didn’t he?

At least Wagner got to awkwardly shout along to the Spice Girls and Ricky Martin (but just one of the songs would have sufficed, I am not a fan of the lazy mash ups this year).

John definitely deserved to go over Treyc, especially after his horrific rendition of Because Of You. I agree with Simon though that Louis completely mismanaged him and put him in the usual Radio Incontinence box he likes to put most of his acts in. It’s enough to make you miss Jedward.

I found it all a bit dull and predictable this week, and not for the first time. Maybe I’m suffering from X Fatigue or maybe I have other things on my plate this year, but I’m just not loving it. Hopefully once more of the chaff has gone I’ll get properly into it.

Don’t forget to check out Matt Edmondson’s brilliant F Factor here.

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