Spooks – Series 9, Episode 6

26 Oct

It’s all kicking off, isn’t it? My prediction last week that all signs are pointing towards an exit for Lucas seems to be gathering more conviction. If you didn’t guess that at the hazy yellow final scene, the trailer for next week certainly indicates that Lucas is going swiftly off his rocker.

Before we get to that though, let’s talk about the central plot of this episode. The cyber-hacking concept was interesting, but I wondered how plausible it actually was. I’m not so naive as to expect Spooks to be a realistic portrayal of life as an MI5 officer – for one thing I highly doubt our national security lies in the hands of such good looking people – but it was a flaw in what was, otherwise, a strong episode.

It made a refreshing change for the gang to not be chasing after Jonny Foreigners With Bombs in the conventional sense. Of course, it wouldn’t be Spooks without some insinuation of the Evil Other, but it was done without the usual hit-you-over-the-head aplomb. The idea of our friends at the grid being completely powerless was pleasing and I was genuinely baffled as to how they would resolve the situation. Until I remembered Dimitry’s bomb. Thanks to a degree in literature, it was pretty obvious from then on how events would continue. It didn’t spoil my enjoyment though.

The Harry/Ruth tension was simmering along nicely. If you didn’t feel for him as she began to talk about ‘what happened’ as a means of giving him the handwritten note, then you don’t deserve to call yourself a human as you clearly have no heart. The awkward clarification of what that conversation meant only makes me ache more for romantic resolution. Sigh.

Beth was rather non-existent or might as well have been. Yes yes, she managed to work out who was behind the virtual eavesdropping, but anyone with half a finger and a brain could have done that. Even Tariq…oh no, maybe not.

Hurrah for Ruth getting wise to Lucas’s wily ways. His spiral out of a)his mind and b)control began in earnest this week as he lied, stole and even killed to get the enigmatic Albany file to Vaughn. Is it just me who thinks Malcolm’s imagination wasn’t the only reason he called Lucas John?

The poor American broad. Although she was annoying, she didn’t deserve to die and I actually quite enjoyed the spark she had with Lucas. Perhaps in another time they could have been friends. As it is he is still obsessed with Mopey Maya and getting his old life back. How does he reckon that would happen, exactly?

I sort of hope we are heading for a massive twist and that Lucas manages to redeem himself. But we know that Richard Armitage is heading for Middle Earth so this seems unlikely. Could he stay with MI5 after Ruth reveals his double – perhaps triple- dealings anyway?

Next week looks like a corker and some of our questions may get answered – it can’t be long now until the end of the series…

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