Matt Edmondson – Web TV God

28 Oct

If you don’t know who Matt Edmondson is yet, you will soon.

For those of you not cool or hip enough (that would usually include me), he’s the cheeky chappy who has interviewed many a ‘sleb or pseudo-‘sleb for gossip site Holy Moly, chattered on Radio 1 and appeared all over your telly screen.

This year he is reaching for the stars with his official vlogs for both The X Factor and The Apprentice.

The F Factor can be found here and provides an irreverent look at the comings and goings chez Chezza and the Gang (catchy, non?). Despite his switch to the big time – last year’s unofficial vlog can be found on YouTube – he still films it in his living room, showing he is still, reassuringly, ‘one of us’.

The Apprentice Fast Forward is here – it’s not hard to take the mickey out of this rabble but it is difficult to do so succinctly, and Matt manages it.

I usually save my sycophancy for Mad Men and Downton, but I wanted to give this man a shout out so you can all benefit from his comic skills.


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