Downton Abbey – Episode 6

1 Nov

I can’t believe we are coming to the end of Downton Abbey. Thank goodness another series has been commissioned. I can’t imagine my Sunday nights without it.

The pace is picking up this week as we arrive in May 1914. News of Mary’s illicit night-time activities with the exotic Mr Pamuk has reached London (care of Edith) and it is becoming essential that she finds a husband before her reputation is ruined. For reasons unknown, Matthew Crawley volunteers to spend the rest of his life with her, but she is unsure about committing to him without telling him of her frightful behaviour. It’s enough to make you feel sorry for the girl! Almost. She is still so horrid to her sisters, it’s hard to feel much sympathy for her.

Hurrah for Edith paving her way into Sir Anthony Strallan’s heart. Even though she might have ruined Mary’s life, she is one of the more likeable of the family.Someone else worth cheering for is the hapless Daisy. It’s about time someone other than Bates stood up to the diptych of evil. Maybe when William returns from visiting his ill mother (aw) he can finally get it together with Daisy. I would settle for that, if Anna and Bates can’t work it out.

Once again, the Dowager Countess stole the best line of the episode:

‘We’ll just have to take Mary abroad. In these moments, one can normally find an Italian who isn’t too picky…’

I’m enjoying the shifting relationship between Violet and her daughter-in-law. They are coming to realise they must rely on each other as the world changes around them. Julian Fellowes is adept at portraying the camaraderie of the older women while demonstrating the new vision of sisterhood as evidenced by Sybil’s political engagement. It sets the scene nicely for the inevitable drought of men as war comes to Downton.

We only have a short wait before we find out whether all is resolved or not. I hope some ends are tied up as this series finishes, but with plenty left loose to leave us fans in a state of tense anticipation as we await the new series.


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