Spooks – Episode 7

2 Nov

Crikey, that was a bit of a whirlwind of an episode wasn’t it? We had revelations about John/Lucas coming at us thick and fast, Vaughn slowly dying and Ruth killing a man. And we still have next week’s episode before the end of the series. Blimey.

I chose the above picture for a reason. The tense two-hander scenes between Harry and J/L (I should refer to him as John I suppose, but I can’t, it doesn’t seem right. He’s just not a John) were the highlight of the episode, and going by the trailer, there will be more of that to savour next week. Yay.

The dodgy nineties flashbacks overegged the pudding a bit, although I did appreciate that John’s floppy hair was the sole signifier of the time period. At least it’s wasn’t curtains.

John’s sudden stabbing of Vaughn was genuinely shocking – it takes a lot for a TV programme to provoke a vocal response from me (I tend to J.D. a lot) but I literally gasped as he dug the knife into his thigh. It would have been even more shocking if we hadn’t already seen the playground shoot-out in the trailer from last week (I have conflicting opinions about these:  they excite me, but also tend to give the whole story away).

Meanwhile, Ruth was investigating the spurious claims of a MI5 reject, driven mad by grief. I, like Vicky Frost on the Guardian, thought this was a bit of a waste of time and served only to show how service has changed Ruth – and not for the better (thus contrasting and comparing with John/Lucas – see, that degree in English Lit has served me well). Still, it was superbly acted by Nicola Walker and leads us nicely into her being taken hostage next week (don’t blame me, blame the trailer).

Poor old Dimitri (who is growing on me by the week, although my heart belongs to Richard Armitage) was left to dangle this week, only tagged onto the Ruth sub-plot. Bless him and his excitement at meeting his first Mafia boss. Must be like arriving to your first lecture still drunk from the night before at Uni – a rite of passage.

There are still some loose ends to be tied up – what is Albany? Why is it so important? Is John really bad to the bone? Will Beth ever become interesting? Most importantly: Will Ruth and Harry ever be happy?!

So many questions, I’ll doubt they’ll all be answered next week. Still, a girl can hope.


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