Spooks – Series 9, Episode 8

8 Nov

Well, all good things come to an end. Apparently, all mediocre things do too. After last week’s amazing episode (which it really was, on reflection), this finale was well set up. A shame it failed to deliver.

I just felt it was all a bit too obvious, from the fake Lucas (anyone wearing a pulled up hoodie is clearly an imposter) to John’s demise. I saw that coming a mile off, and I’m sure I wasn’t the only one.Vicky Frost brings up an interesting note: we don’t actually see John die. I see that more as a loose end though that a hint at anything unlikely; I think it’s safe to sing Ding Dong The Spook Is Dead.

Another thing that riled me was Alec. He was an unnecessary addition – not only did he confuse the plot, but he  also hammed it up a treat. I hope he’s not joining up to replace John/Harry.

Oh Harry. Even though Ruth knew it was your turn, she couldn’t help but shed a tear. I know I said I don’t want their relationship to be resolved but…is it really too much to ask for just a hint of it?

The scenes between Lucas/John/Whoever and Ruth were the unexpected highlight of the episode – unexpected because I had been looking forward to the showdown with Harry after last week. The dialogue was best here too (it suffered from cliché in most of the episode) and I really enjoyed the interaction between them. For one brief spell I thought she might save him…When he was about where ‘Lucas’ is it dawned on me. He would have been ok if someone had just given him a great big cuddle. Of course, I consider myself to be the perfect candidate for such a move, but anyone would have done.

Alas, it was not to be. I didn’t like Maya from the start and just knew she would prove to be his downfall. At least she looked trendy in death (lighter ends are so in).

Other key points worth mentioning:

  • The Da Vinci Code-esque Albany swap
  • Harry in a gas mask – Are you my mummy?
  • Beth is still less use than a chocolate teapot
  • Richard Armitage is definitelyfollowing me – why else would he set up a fake bomb at a station I pass through every day?
  • Nicola Walker is the best actor in Spooks. End of.

Considering I haven’t watched the show for years, I got very involved. Will I return next series? Maybe. Depends what I’m doing. See, I enjoyed it, but not in the same way I did with Downton Abbey, for example. Put simply, when it’s good, Spooks is very good. But when it’s bad, it’s horrid.


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