The X Factor – Week Five

8 Nov


No, I’m not just talking about the fact Shayne Ward was back on our telly screens like the sub-standard Justin Timberlake he is. I am of course, referring to Katiegate (how many more ‘gates’ can this show have, eh?)

It seems like a right swiz to me that we were told it would go to deadlock, which was then switched to majority vote as soon as Louis said he would save Katie Worzel. If you think I’m wrong, watch it again: Dermot talks vaguely about having to take the majority but there is no music or lights that signal Treyc’s fate is sealed – on the contrary, it takes a good few seconds for the producers to relay the info to Dermot that that means Katie gets to stay.

Admittedly (and correctly predicted by me), neither girl deserved to stay. Treyc started the competition well, but has underwhelmed in recent weeks. As for Katie…do I really need to tell you why she needs to go, like, ten shows ago? This week’s pretentious video show behind her should have sealed her fate, but Simon knows he’s got a press cow on his hands and he’s intent to milk it as far as he can.

Will she last much longer though? Surely the furore that has kicked up about this will ensure she goes next week (unless Chez and Si have anything to do with it). Speaking of Cole, she has been a judge for what, 3 years now? Surely even she has worked out how it works. I wonder as well if Louis would have got away with refusing to vote? It’s all pretty childish and actually angered me. You might be able to tell I get riled easily, and at silly things. Never mind.

Sorry to disappoint if you were in search of my usual critique of all the acts; I just don’t see the point when all this nonsense eclipsed what was, anyway, a poor effort. Rebecca was fab, of course, and Matt was pretty brilliant, but other than that I see nothing to add.

Join me next week to discuss what will hopefully be a more enlivened episode of our favourite (faux) reality TV competition.


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