Mad Men – S4, Episode 10

11 Nov

This one was a bit hit and miss for me. Firstly, I missed Peggy. I’ve really been enjoying her storyline of late and it was a shame to not even get a hint of her. Still, with three episodes left of the season I’m sure she’ll be back next week. Secondly, I expected more of a showdown between Pete and Don – although I suppose he’s just growing up and doing what he needs to do, rather than what he wants to do.

That being said, it was still a fine episode (and much better than most things on t’telly). The foray into Lane’s personal life was a nice change and demonstrated how he has progressed through this series. Not sure about his father literally bringing him back to earth with a bump, but at least it meant we got to learn what lies underneath the stuffy Brit exterior (I actually think he’s a pretty nice man, but he was brought in that way).

Don and Faye’s relationship baffles me slightly. The obvious comparison to Betty was nicely depicted in the scene where he unravelled his lies; Faye was the anti-Betty in her reaction (rather unsurprisingly though, as she has not (yet) married and had children with the man). I just don’t ‘feel’ the two of them like I did at the start of their flirtation. Still, it appears the priapic DD has already discerned his next target. Again though, not sure about him pairing up with Megan, it’s just so done.

It sounds a bit like I’m coming down on this episode. But I did enjoy the Joan story. If ‘enjoy’ is the right word. I feel it was left open though – we don’t actually know for sure whether she underwent the procedure or not. My prediction is a Joan and Roger shaped baby on the way down the line, but I’m not entirely sure how this will be explained. One thing I can count on is that it won’t be done in a soapy fashion. This is Mad Men after all.

The always stunning cinematography was especially good in this brief scene:

And how could you not love Sally screaming for joy?

The cogs are definitely kicking into gear as we head towards the end of the season: SCDP is facing (possible) financial ruin and secrets seem set to fly out of the drawers they are locked away in. Next week should be another corker.

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