The X Factor – Week Six

15 Nov

Wow, I thought last week was a shocker. I assumed, like everyone else, that Katie was sure to go this week, so hated is she by the majority of the British population.

We were wrong. And wronged. Instead of nutty Aiden (c’mon, even you diehard fans out there have to admit he looked a little unhinged when singing), we are stuck with Waily Katie. AGAIN.

Still, there were plenty of fun and frolics before all that. It was Elton John night, which meant some adherance to the theme was vaguely certain. Of course Cher had to spice it up by bringing out her rappin’ skillz, but overall it wasn’t too bad. Why wasn’t his best song part of the evening though?!

Oh that’s right, John Lewis paid handsomely to have their new ad in the break:

Good ad though, isn’t it?

There were no real surprises on Saturday: Matt and Rebecca were the good, but ultimately boring; Wagner scared the nation; One Direction ensured a million teenage girls went to bed happy and Louis called Paije the first black man he could think of.

Sunday came around and it was all about the Return of the Boy Band. Man Band. Hair Band. Something like that anyway. JLS were up first and did a convincing impression of stale wedding cake. Westlife were up next and underwhelmed me so much that I can’t even comment on their performance. Finally, it was the turn of TAKE THAT (scream). Despite Robbie’s Thunderbirds-esque jittering, I actually enjoyed it.

Not as good as Patience or Rule the World though, is it?

While all this was going on, Cheryl was sporting two dog poos on her head:

Yes dear, you look lovely.

The result came and, rather surprisingly, heartthrob Aiden was in the bottom two. At this point DEADLOCK seemed inevitable – of course Si would side with his Chezza and Louis wouldn’t be able to make the situation undramatic. The fact that Katie got more votes than Aiden was completely unexpected. Some are calling it a fix, and while I don’t entirely disagree with that theory, I believe it is possible that Aiden was seen as safe and so people didn’t feel the need to vote for him. Let me know if you disagree.

It should be fun watching the Daily Mail get itself into a tiz about it all this week. For those of a saner disposition, you could do worse than look at Stuart Heritage’s article over at the Guardian.



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