The Sloaney Way

11 May

Ra-ra-ooh-la-la - geddit?

Come back The Only Way is Essex, all is forgiven. Yes, it’s an excuse for glorified snobbery and is  full of vapid carbon copies of real humans, but at least there’s some warmth and character to it. The villain, the princess and heck, even a real-life Buttons are all on show in this pantomime. But we love it for what it is.

Made In Chelsea  (or MiC as nobody is calling it) on the other hand is just dull. I got truly caught up in the royal wedding and have since harboured a secret crush on poshos and all things ‘Faaaaaahbulus’, but it turns out my fascination only extends as far as people actually involved in said nuptials.

There are no real storylines – save for the love triangle between oleaginous Spencer, Caggie and the marvellously-named Funda and the brewing storm between jewellery designer Amber and gossip girl Cheska – so it’s difficult to care about the characters….sorry, ‘real people’. This is surprising – the scripting and plot development that is clunkily obvious in every scene should provide for reasons to stay tuned.

Apart from Ollie – the one with “exceptional” hair – who shocks and delights in equal amounts with his loyalty to appearance-based onanism, I can see no reason to watch this group of over-moneyed teenagers stuck in arrested development – (unfortunately not the truly brilliant sitcom of the same name, although I could be tempted to watch an episode if it featured Liza with a Z).

All that being said, I will, of course, be suckered into it and soon start quoting from it on Facebook and having genuine conversations with friends about the faux-lationships on show. It’s the only way.

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