Case Histories – Episodes One and Two

12 Jun

Who knew THAT'S what the blond wig was hiding?

I’ve noticed a lot of previews, reviews and criticism of the new detective drama has focused on the eye-candy of Mr Jason Isaacs (above). So let’s get it out the way.


I’ve been a fan of Kate Atkinson for a logn while now, so treated news of this dramatisation with some trepidation. Could anyone portray Jackson Brodie perfecty? Would the stories be as complex and nuanced as in the books? In short, would it be done right?

So far the answer is both yes and no. Isaacs has managed to be both exactly as I imagined Jackson and nothing like him at the same time – but in a good way. The books are far too complex to adapt for a two hour telly stint, but I think they have done well to condense them so far. The emotional feel of the books and use of humour has not been lost, which greatly pleases me. But I don’t love it. I want to love it, but I’m not there yet.

Perhaps this week’s installment will convince me otherwise. And if not, at least it’s something pretty to look at.


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