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Scott & Bailey – Episode 3

13 Jun

This week’s S&Bย  was fantastic. The story has cranked up a notch, it’s faster paced and had a strong message. Yes, I might have been a bit slow in taking three episodes to get it, but this show is resolutely feminist. It might have been a bit heavy-handed this week (but apparently some of us – me – need that to truly get it) but in the same week as Slutwalks in London, culturally ingrained misogyny is still a BIG issue.

Suranne Jones continues to deliver with her deftly-arched-eyebrow acting and I was pleased to see a bit of fire from Scott this week too. Plus, who knew philandering Nick was such a nasty bastard?

This series is swiftly become a favourite and -dare I say it – preferable to a messy Case Histories. In fact, the only thing wrong with S&B is not enough topless Jason Isaacs. But you can’t have everything.


Scott & Bailey

12 Jun

The new Sugababes line up also performed at funerals

A grower, this. The first episode was a bit slow and obvious, but once the premise had been introduced, characters explored and central plot set up, this series began to hit its stride.

Frankly, there’s nothing for me not to love about Suranne Jones and a Manchester setting (although she also did spiffingly in outer space), so I had high hopes, but they are gradually being met.

Here, as in the best detective dramas, the crimes and crims take a backseat to the emotional arcs of the protagonists and serve to push forward plot points. Plus, the writing is pretty good – graphic descriptions of abortion are not friendly fodder for cosy Sunday evening drama, but are crucial in making the characters seem like real people.

I’m looking forward to this week’s episode and hoping they keep up the good work. What are your thoughts?

Case Histories – Episodes One and Two

12 Jun

Who knew THAT'S what the blond wig was hiding?

I’ve noticed a lot of previews, reviews and criticism of the new detective drama has focused on the eye-candy of Mr Jason Isaacs (above). So let’s get it out the way.


I’ve been a fan of Kate Atkinson for a logn while now, so treated news of this dramatisation with some trepidation. Could anyone portray Jackson Brodie perfecty? Would the stories be as complex and nuanced as in the books? In short, would it be done right?

So far the answer is both yes and no. Isaacs has managed to be both exactly as I imagined Jackson and nothing like him at the same time – but in a good way. The books are far too complex to adapt for a two hour telly stint, but I think they have done well to condense them so far. The emotional feel of the books and use of humour has not been lost, which greatly pleases me. But I don’t love it. I want to love it, but I’m not there yet.

Perhaps this week’s installment will convince me otherwise. And if not, at least it’s something pretty to look at.