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19 Jun

I tweeted about this yesterday, but in case you missed it, Accessorize are now selling the above necklace. C’est un peu fantastique, non? Perfect wear for me, Miss Telly and Tea.


TV Totty of the Week

14 Nov

I had trouble thinking of who to crown my TV totty this week. Partly because I haven’t actually been able to watch an awful lot of telly this week due to a never-ending to do list and partly because I think I need to stop banging on about Richard Armitage (he was the obvious choice, but I did go on about him enough here).

Then it came to me. The stand out moment in this week’s Mad Men had to be the appearance of the voluminous frill that was a heavily pregnant Trudy Campbell in a sassy little sixties nightie.


So brava Alison Brie, for pulling it off. Mad props also go to  Janie Bryant (the costume designer) for managing to get hold of such a monstrosity/the best thing I’ve ever seen.

TV Totty of the Week

8 Nov

The true star of The Apprentice (now Margaret’s gone), Nick Hewer certainly has a way with words.

This week the silver fox compared Stella’s work in the shop window to certain ladies he’s seen in Amsterdam. Can I get a ‘LOL’? He also shot down Alex as “not totally annoying”. Nick was always sharp tongued, but it seems he learnt from the best (Margaret, again) when it comes to withering put downs.

And of course, there’s this:

He’s not one to be distracted by lithe young beauties:

Although that’s not to say he doesn’t think about it:

All this and he works for the charity Hope and Homes for Children. What a guy.

TV Totty of the Week

25 Oct

Noel Fielding has the honour of being my TV Totty of the week this week.

He is awarded not so much for his looks, style or bravery (as has been the case in the past), but for his shining genius as evidenced in the new series of Never Mind The Buzzcocks.

I was sceptical when he joined the show – I was a real fan of Bill Bailey and am not generally a fan of change. I was wrong. I should have known I would be as I always loved The Mighty Boosh, but I just didn’t think that style would work on a panel game.

I maintain it wouldn’t. What’s great is that we get to see more of Noel as a normal person, if that’s not too bizarre a concept to get your head round. He takes the piss out of celebs, is a bit weird (but not too weird) and looks like he’s actually having fun, which is a nice break from the norm.

Never Mind The Buzzcocks is on BBC2 Thursdays at 10pm.

TV Totty of the Week

16 Oct

We were all gripped by the rescue of the 33 Chilean miners this week, so it is only right that they are bestowed with the honour of being my TV totty of the week.

Mario Sepulveda gets a special mention for being the star of the show, but really, this goes out to all of them.

Chi! Chi! Chi! Le! Le! Le!

TV Totty of the Week

10 Oct

Image from Channel 4

Ok, I admit it, it’s not so much that I’m in love with Cynthia Green, the registrar from Wedding House, but I am completely in LUST with her amazing array of neckwear. I haven’t been able to find any more images, but you can find clips and the show online here.

I mean, check out what she’s rocking up there. It shouldn’t work. It’s big enough to cause an injury, bright enough to blind and floral enough to warrant shears. And yet…she just looks AMAZING.

I’ll be tuning in just to see what jewellery she’s sporting – the weirdo weddings are mere supporting players in Cynthia’s show.

TV Totty of the Week

5 Oct

I hope to make this a regular feature – a selection of some of the finest specimens of men, women, animals, shoes (anything goes)  on the telly.

This week, I am just a little bit obsessed with Richard Armitage a.k.a Lucas North in the BBC’s Spooks.

It could be his tall, dark and handsome good looks.

It could be his piercing blue eyes.

It might be his soulful deep timbre.

It might be the fact he plays a spy (call it the Bond Factor).

It is probably a combination of all these factors – all I know is my university campus has appeared in the past two episodes of Spooks (as the fairy-lit square last week and the ‘Central University’ building this week). I choose to believe Mr Armitage, or perhaps,  Agent North, is stalking me.

And I’m more than comfortable with that possibility.