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Scott & Bailey – Episode 3

13 Jun

This week’s S&B  was fantastic. The story has cranked up a notch, it’s faster paced and had a strong message. Yes, I might have been a bit slow in taking three episodes to get it, but this show is resolutely feminist. It might have been a bit heavy-handed this week (but apparently some of us – me – need that to truly get it) but in the same week as Slutwalks in London, culturally ingrained misogyny is still a BIG issue.

Suranne Jones continues to deliver with her deftly-arched-eyebrow acting and I was pleased to see a bit of fire from Scott this week too. Plus, who knew philandering Nick was such a nasty bastard?

This series is swiftly become a favourite and -dare I say it – preferable to a messy Case Histories. In fact, the only thing wrong with S&B is not enough topless Jason Isaacs. But you can’t have everything.