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Do you watch Twelly?

26 May

Yeah, so Twelly isn’t going to happen, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth talking about.

Sarah Smith and Disney Roller Girl have recently written about tweeting while watching telly, specifically the Royal Wedding. Although I was absent from my laptop on the 29th (too busy preparing Pimms and patriotic Red Velvet cupcakes for a party), I do tweet along for a number of shows.

The habit began in earnest last year with The X-Factor. Suddenly it was all my friends and I could talk about on and offline. We weren’t the only ones. Caitlin Moran, Grace Dent and many many more would tweet about every little detail, whether it be Katie Waissel’s crazy eyes, Rebecca Ferguson’s absence of a personality, Cher Lloyd’s street-cred or Wagner’s…well, anything to do with Wagner.

Since then, I’ve tweeted (twat?) along to a load of programmes. I ‘gleet’ along to Glee on a regular basis and the first episode of Made In Chelsea was only made bearable by joining the conversation online.

However, there has – so far – been one massive exception. I don’t tweet along to The Apprentice. Why? Because I can’t concentrate properly on either thing when I’m watching both. Afraid to miss any witty retorts, I stay glued to Tweetdeck. And then someone mentions something that happened on screen which I didn’t see because I was scrolling through the hashtags and it’s suddenly not worth it.

What about you? Is two-screening really the new thing?


I’m @HellyStuart on Twitter and you can find some of my fellow telly-tweeters here.